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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  August 17, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> welcome to the "the young turks." we have a hell of a show for you today. we're calling them lyin' ryan, because we've caught him in another big you fib. >> you asked for stimulus money for your district. is that report accurate? >> i don't recall. i haven't seen this report, so i really can't comment on it. >> oh no, we have more evidence, and we're coming at you ryan. we have 2008 religious to think you're lying about the auto bailout. >> i know it's a heavy thing to say, this is nigger-ization. you are not one of us. you're like the crazy black man that we're trained to fear. >> this is the racial card being played in this election already.
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we'll bring that down with jayar jackson and the professor tricia rose. >> hollywood was invited into the white house. so that they could receive a briefing on exactly how the raid took place. >> the capture of bin laden is now under fire. only in g.o.p. america. we'll have that for you and more. and we'll let you know who is behind that attack on obama. as a great man once said, it's go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk is out today. i'm michael shure. you may know me as epic politician man. that's so difficult to say that, but that's what they call me here. we have a lot of politics to
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discuss. one of them is paul ryan, linein' ryan is what we call him. today he was heckled in virginia. [ booing ] >> no, no,!. >> the guy is doing this in response to why ryan lied about accepting stimulus funds. he's standing in the back of the crowd, getting booed. ripping up his romney-ryan card. if people are waving the american flag in front of him as if they're more american than he is. they're screaming usa citizen if that party has a a monopoly on what it means to be a patriot what it means to be an american. but it capped off another bad day for paul ryan. maybe the shortest honeymoon ever. i think sarah palin had it ease easier four years ago than ryan has this past week. he was asked about taking
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stimulus money. he was talking to a nation in cincinnati ohio. and this is what he had to say when asked if he took stimulus money. >> you asked for stimulus money for your district. is that report accurate? >> i don't recall. i haven't seen this report, so i really can't comment on it. i oppose the stimulus because it doesn't work. it didn't work. >> you opposed it, you opposed it because it doesn't work and it didn't work and then the a.p. reported whoops, paul ryan wrote four letters asking for stimulus grants to two wisconsin companies. unbelievable paul. but what do you say about this when asked about it later? this is what ryan said. >> production at the general motors plan in jasonville is scheduled to end. >> after having he's letters called to my attention, i checked into them, and they were treated as constituent service
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requests in the same way that matter involving social security or veteran letters are handled. that's why i did not recall the stimulus. stimulus brings jobs. stimulus brings infrastructure. it allows small businesses to do well. you ask for stimulus funds. you can't go back now and say aaah, i never asked for stimulus funds. that's what paul ryan is doing. that's why ryan is, in fact, lyin'. now he talked talked about a chrysler plant having closeed in jasonville wisconsin. listen to what he had to say about this. first we'll hear about the plant itself. >> production at the general motors plant in jasonville is schedule to end for good this week. christopher lee says operation also end thursday. about 1200 employees were let go just before christmas when g.m. ended suv production at the
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plant. >> well of course paul ryan being a republican congressman being a leader in the congress what is he going to do about that? who is he going to blame for this? let's blame barack obama paul? >> unlike mitt romney you supported the auto bailout. do you think the obama bailout of the auto industry was a good idea. >> it did not help janesville. it didn't help key kenosha. they shut down the chrysler plant. >> whoops. we have something to tell you. the plant to which you refer closed in 2008. it shut down in september december of 2008 in the waiting days of bush's second term. oh no, paul, you're caught again. let's listen to you on the deficit. look at this. this is an interview with abc affiliate news in oxford, ohio. >> you've been called even by yourself a deficit hawk. everyone agrees the deficit is too high and needs to come down.
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but this disagreement is how and win. >> the key is then, economic growth job creation with suspending cuts and spending reform. once a debt crisis happens just like in europe, then people get their benefits cut. >> right, you wouldn't want to get us into any kind of a debt crisis as he said to them in cincinnati ohio. you wouldn't want to do that, paul. like you wouldn't want to vote for every single policies that has contributed to this enormous deficit under now which we live. the tarp the bush wars, medicare part d, the prescription drug benefits. everything that you have espoused created the doubt that we now have. you made the problem and then you made yourself the deficit hawk. who do you run with? well there is lyin' ryan and then bold mitt. he can't tell the truth either. jim messina at the campaign,
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please, governor romney, realize your taxes. we'll make a deal. you release five years and first of all, if the governor will release five years of returns i commit in turn that we will not cite advertise him for not releasing more. neither in ads nor in other public communications or commentary for the rest of the campaign. that comes to us from buzzfeed. the response which i love it started out hey jim, in response if governor ronnel any's tax returns are the core message of your campaign, there will be ample time for president obama to discuss them over the next 81 days. then what do you do? taxes, you send out your wife. your best surrogate ann romney onon the "today" show she said this. >> we have been very transparent to what is legally required of us but the more we release the more we get attacked.
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>> yeah, that's my favorite thing. the more we release the more we get attacked. you haven't released anything. how do you say you get attacked the more you release. you haven't released. the like the way she says they have been transparent up to the letter of the law. this is more than that. do what people are asking for. show your taxes. it's taking too long. and then of course romney yesterday on a white board when he landed had this to write. this is a little bit more bold, mitt. he said this. >> romney: no change. the plan stays the same. no adjustments, no changes, no savings. the president's plan cuts medicare--excuse me--well, let's see, i got--there, there we go--by $716 billion. >> unbelievable. i mean the stuff that they're saying and obama has an ad out which is called "the facts"
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because it dispels all the things that mitt romney is saying about president obama and medicare. to talk more about this, i am pleased to bring into "the young turks" joe williams, political reporter in washington. joe, thanks for being on the show. it's unbelievable--it's like a gift every day. we have an a-block on this show and every day its talking about the lies that they're tell on the campaign trail. can this go on until november? >> they're planning on it. this has been part of republican strategy for some years where you repeat the same talking points whether they're true or not, and hope the public does not pay attention. two things happen. number one, you get a headline out of it that is hard to refute. and that people who aren't paying close attention like you and i are paid to do, sort of floss over it. they see the headline, and they don't think much about it. the ownthe onous is on them.
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george bush did it, and it's a republican strategy, and i don't see it changing here on out. >> it used to be with democrats the headlines would be out there and they're repeating it, but now they're out there so fast. they're coming out right away and dispelling those lies. are you surprised by that? >> i'm a bit surprised but not entirely. it's surprising in that the democrats have been assertive in pushing back against this. it's not surprising in that they've had three or four election cycles to figure out what the republicans have been up to, and come up with a reason or a method to get it off the front page to push back and to get the truth out there. it's been very surprising, and somewhat refreshing also that journalism has taken a role, and has been vetting paul ryan in a way that romney really hasn't. er, and has been getting at misinterpretations that romney and the ryan campaign are putting out there. so that has been a bit of a
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refreshing change since 2008-2010. i think that's something that the republicans are going to worry about. especially once people start locking in on what's going on. >> that's a great point, joe. it's been less than a week since they brought paul ryan out in wisconsin. is there a worse week that you can remember than the roll out of a running mate? >> with, there were a lot of things stranged about it. released on the weekend during the olympics. almost as if they didn't want people to know. and a lot of stink bombs were happening to paul ryan, not only getting heckled on the trail and getting caught--paul ryan points to three things p he's very inexperienced on the national stage. he has not held local elective office. and he is a creature of washington. something that mitt romney is trying to run against and something that will be tied around his neck like an anchor going into october and november. >> thank you very much. have a great weekend.
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>> my pleasure. >> now the roll out of paul ryan, it's unbelievable. coming up, mitt romney said it, and now the controversy begins. >> take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to chicago. >> this is niggerrization. you are not one of us in that you are like the scary black man who we have been trained to fear. >> what do you think about this? send us your tweets and join the conversation here on "the young turks." plus, we have devastation caught on camera. >> watch that massive truck bomb drive to the entrance of a remote u.s. base. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is.
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i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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barack was having to work out the fact that people react to him based on his racial makeup. as barack obama seeks his second term we go back to see the people and events that shaped the life of the man who would become president. "becoming barack" followed by.. is america ready for a mormon president? between him and obama i wouldn't vote. mormonism is a cult. current tv explores the world's fastest growing religion. "becoming barack" followed by "the mormon candidate" [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: welcome back. you know race rearing it's ugly head as it often does especially when there is a black president as we learned when he was a black candidate and now he's black president and it's still
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happening. jayar jackson has put together one of his masterful mash-ups. >> this is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like. take your campaign of division, anger and hate back to chicago. >> frustration and anger. >> and angry. >> frustration and anger. >> there is only one president that i know of in history that robbed medicare-- >> basically stole. >> stole that money. >> stole. >> stole. >> they robbed. >> he stole. >> stole is the right word, actually. >> i these are comments that a lot of people find troubling. >> michael: and it was the words of mitt romney and his surrogates that forced toure to say this yesterday. >> he's really trying to use racial coding and access stereotypes of the angry black man. this is the playbook against obama, he's not like us. this is a heavy thing to say i
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don't say it lightly but this is niggerrization. you're not one of us. you're the scary black man that we fear it. >> michael: that's never easy to hear. but when you hear the words of mitt romney and you're hearing anger, stole and go back to chicago. that has to scare someone like toure. they say they're going to discuss this matter with network executives at msnbc. then today there is an apology from tour. >> on yesterday's show i used a show to make a point. in retrospect i muddied the discussion using the "n" word. i shouldn't have used that, and for that i'm sorry. >> michael: we're joined by my colleagues at "the young turks," ana kasparian and jayar jackson and we bring to us the professor
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from winston salem, north carolina, tricia rose. you look great up there on skype. you know, i want to ask you first, i want to start with you first. i want to ask you should toure have apologized for this? >> well, i would say no. i actually think that he say that romney used the "n" word. he described a firm that actually has results elsewhere they have joined this phrase to describe something not about african-americans but the experience that african-americans have had and how that can be translated it. thinks to say that you go niggerrize someone turning them into someone who is unacceptable into a criminal, someone who is not worthy of the protection under the law or not worthy of the position of the
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office. in this day and age when you have such little education about race and a kind of multi racial democracy and so much effort to stop us from getting along that it can read as inflammatory. >> michael: you know, i hear that, tricia. i want to ask jayar before we continue the discussion. do you agree with the professor jayar? >> yeah, here's the thing. it's one of those things when he talks about how we're conditioned, and people go oh, you're talking about all white people are hateful racists if they're republican. black folks are conditioned to be afraid of black folks. we're not sure who this dangerous black man is. it transcends all racial lines really in the country because that's how bad that guy is. there is the good black guy and there is the bad black guy. as we've seen obama has his popularity where no one sees him as the scary black guy that some of us are prone to make people
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see him as. then we have to break him down and see him crazy. you don't even have to agree with all those points. you can listen to a word. are we children? we can't listen to a word. >> they've been trying to instill fear over this black president for a wild. they did it with jeremiah wright. as a new yorker, i remember this "new yorker" coverage in the campaign showing the obamas dressed like black panthers. the idea of the militant angry black person has been around for a while. not only has it been around, but it has been used. when they say angry an angry first lady. michelle obama was portrayed as an angry black woman. ana, do you think that the fact that they used that word, that he use "niggerrization" takes away from the argument or adds to the argument. had he nod said it would we be
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talking about toure. >> i personally don't have a problem with the fact that he used it. i'm upset that he felt he had to apologize for it. but unfortunately it was a huge distraction because his message was correct. his message i think had a lot of logic behind it, and rather than discussing the logic, which is something that the romney campaign doesn't want, we're now discussing this word and whether or not he should have apologized for it. i think there is a little bit of trouble in that. another thing this is not something that we're making up. the southern poverty law center did a study on right wing extremism in this country and how much it has increased since the obama administration came into office. part of the reason why is because you have certain people in this country that are making him seem like he's a scary guy because he's a different-looking president. >> michael: that's true. and tricia, to what ana is saying what say you? >> i mean, listen, i think that i'm happy that toure said it.
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had he not it just would have gone on in fodder and faded away. but now we have an opportunity it's a terrific moment to say gee mitt romney, gee republican party, let's not worry about this word, but what is your position? do you think that there is racial discrimination keeping america from being what it can be? and can we buy in and talk politics policies, and actually have a fair chance? well, let's talk about that. i think we should use it as an opportunity. >> michael: it is an opportunity. also one of the things that when we think about this is that it probably puts the romney--i'm being pie in the sky about this--the romney-ryan people more on egg shells the way they speak going forward knowing that this could happen. tricia rose, you will be back later on in the show. thank you for your opinions on this issue. we have the swift voting of
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president obama. >> their mission stop the politicians were politically capitalizing on u.s. national security operations and secrets. >> michael: and the notebook will be joining us, michael hastings coming to tell us who is behind these ads and then we have rage against ryan. >> i'm tom revolution happens one buck at a time. >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot.
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>>you couldn't say it any more powerfully than that. >>it really is incredible.
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>> the attacks have been unrelenting. from this recent strike, watch that massive truck bomb drive to the entrance of a remote u.s. base. [ explosion ] injuring more than 100 had to today's murderous hit that left three special operations forces dead. the americans likely had been trying to help train the very man wearing an afghan security uniform who would begun-- >> michael: and in addition to this ugliness yesterday black hawk helicopter was shot down. two special operations, two navy seals, and today in further violence two more special oppositeopswere killed. the war goes on in afghanistan. the war has been a disaster. in july, 40 were killed.
4:27 pm
in august so far, 26 have been killed. in july alone there were 26 active duty suicide. in the army, 12 suicide among national guards andry servists were who were the not serving during the time of their death. the news of this worth is worse and worse. civilian deaths, 1145 civilians were killed in afghanistan in the first half of this year alone. this is the longest war in this history. it's three times as long as world war ii. it's called world war and it's three times as long as that. it's embarrassing, it's a shame and a disaster and its time to get out of there. you know, as we talk about it, as we talk about our victories in that part of the world, of course, the capture of osama bin laden has to be looked at as the greatest victory of the president, the military, and our war on terror. people are trying to turn that
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around. let's listen to this. this is, of course, it being talked about that osama bin laden was captured. >> obama: good evening tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al-qaeda. a terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. >> michael: it should have been a moment that we were all happy about in a subdue way but happy. a victory in which we beat our opponent. but now there is a personal ops and they are owe out with this on president obama. >> remember may 2 2011, americans learned that osama bin laden had been eliminated. how did we learn about it? >> obama: tonight i can report to the american people and to
4:29 pm
the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. i directed leon panetta the director of the c.i.a. to make the killing or capture of bin laden the top priority of our war against al-qaeda. i met repeatedly with our national security team. i determined we had-- >> i directed. i directed. i directed. >> michael: it's amazing to me that there is a group of people, even if there is one person that wants to use that announcement against the president i just can't get over it. this is supposed to be, oh my god, he's going to win re-election because of this. now they're trying to turn it around. michael hastings, the notebook, michael from buzzfeed, you know, tell me who is behind this? how is this happening? >> thanks for having me, man. good to see you holding down the fort at rebel hq. this is a story that i've been following closely for more
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months. as buzzfeed we reported the first disclosure when the navy seals came out and started attacking the president on this issue. the money behind these ads that are being run criticizeing the president, we don't know exactly where it's from. there is a democratic group for the president that claimed that the money is being funneled to this group by karl rove as well as the koch brothers, but we do know they are well financed. this is the latest hit that they've done on the president on the national security record, and finally it's getting the obama campaign attention. john kerry came out today and said he was not going to let the president get swift voted like happened to him eight years ago. >> michael: it was eight years ago now. it was so important michael when you think about that to respond, to not let these things lie. as john kerry learned unfortunately, when you ignore them because you think they're foolish they come back to bite
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you. let's take a look at this ops ed piece. >> this administration did not capture or kill or eliminate bin-laden or anybody else. there are a whole lot of folks in the military and intelligence community who have been working on this for a very long time. >> mr. president, did you not kilo sam bin laden. america did. the work that the work the military has done killed osama bin laden. did you not. >> cenk: are we going to hear about this until november. >> yeah, i think so. i reported on this exclusively last week. one of these groups, special operations for america is going to have its own convention in charlotte, where we're going to bring down a bunch of former intelligence former special force guys and attack the president that is going to be in october. they're going to try to push this. i don't quite know if its getting any traction, or if it will get any traction because the romney campaign can't really run with it because they don't
4:32 pm
want to be talking about the fact that president obama killed bin laden. but also your intro about afghanistan was incredible and somewhat depressing, the numbers that you put out about how many americans have been killed there this month, and how many innocent civilians. that's the debate we should be having about afghanistan not who should get credit for osama bin laden, but the debate over the information war. >> michael: this is a race about distraction and talking about things that we should not be talking about. the republicans are experts about it and the democrats seem to have taken a lesson. this is what i was thinking today in the announcement of when hussein was captured. our former president. >> yesterday december 13, at around 8:30 p.m. baghdad time united states military forces captureed saddam hussein alive.
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>> michael: so i mean, michael why does it work the other way but not this way? >> well, i think--i think--look with saddam hussein's capture and the war kept raging on, he did get criticized for that, but the question is, look, we all know this is president obama's greatest foreign policy achievement, the killing of osama bin laden. so any way you can take your opponent's strength and make it a weakness, they're going to try to do this. like i said, originally they were not responding to these attacks, but over the past few weeks you've had democratic groups actively pushing back. what will have to happen is that democrats will have to find their former navy seals, their ex-navy seals and bring them out on the stage and say we support the president of the united states. >> michael: there has to be more
4:34 pm
people sickened by this. it's happening now as opposed to vietnam. they call him the notebook, you can read him on buzzfeed and the rolling stone michael hastings, thank you. next we go to arkansas, a young man is dead in the back of a police car. this video released was the last time he was seen alive. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: welcome back to "the young turks." you know there is new video now in the case of cart rights, the man that the jonesboro arkansas arkansas, police claim shot himself in the back of a police car.
4:38 pm
this is dash cam footage. it seems that the cars were parked back-to-back and it's the newest that the police thus far have released. >> michael: that is chavis carter being searched by the jonesboro, police. we bring tricia rose back in. tricia you've been following this case pretty closely. what do we know now? what is new with this information from the dash cam? >> it's interesting early on it seemed as if there were no
4:39 pm
available footage. but now this footage shows up. but it does seem to be the second piece in a publicity campaign. instead of saying the fbi is investigating, we'll have a full report once the fbi has done its job. instead the police department seems to want to keep releasing bits and pieces that they think some how supports their version of events. i'm not sure that either of the pieces of evidence they released does that. this one confuses me as well. >> michael: i also want you to listen. there was a witness there who spoke, tricia, and i want to listen to what she had to say. she stated that both of the officers were outside of the car, which contradicts the incident report, the original incident report from the jonesboro police department. >> it sounds like a gun going off. >> where were the police officers when you heard this? >> they were standing on the outside of the car. >> you heard-- >> we heard a loud pop. >> and the officers were not in the cars at that time.
4:40 pm
they were standing outside talking to each other. >> yes i guess they were yelling at each other. >> michael: so i mean, this testimony, tricia, seems to support what the jonesboro police were saying how could they have done it in the pop happened while they were standing outside the car. >> well, yes although the incident report did not say that they were outside the car. the police already have fundamental conflict. i'm fascinating about what the police had to argue about. if they were arguing before she heard the pop because that's the implication, what were they arguing about? why was there a reason for them to be in disagreement? i want to point one other thing out about the video footage which is quite lengthy. there is a section in it where they seem to be tell the two white young men that they let go that they were going to be arrested and there were grounds for that up front. they have marijuana in the car. they have these bags whether they're fake or real drugs and some how there is no explanation
4:41 pm
about why that is not going to happen. why are they at least not arrestable until they can sort out what is really going on. >> michael: that's true. there were two people who were released. and the incident report said something about officer carter was not--the officer attending to carter was in his cruiser when the other officer alerted to him in is verbatim what it said. i was about to driveway and give disposition on the radio when i heard officer marsh on the radio. then i felt bumps on the back of my car and that carter had shot himself. let's take a look at this reenactment of the crime that was done by the forensics people. >> there are some issues here that need to be looked into, which is probably why the fbi is looking at this as well. when we get into the autopsy and the forensics we're going to look for residue on his hand. in this case, being that this individual was left-handed it should be on his left hand, iser
4:42 pm
am i correct? i would think that they would have taken photos of this individual in the backseat of this car. again, you have to explain how he was capable of getting his gun to the temple of his head, so to speak if you're handcuffed from behind. >> michael: those are forensic experts talking to cnn about it. this is really a difficult case. you can tell already from the information that we have, the scant information that we have that it's going to be a complicated case. let's go back to what you said about those other two kids being released. has the employment police department said anything about that? >> no, not that i know about. the footage does show that the police were engaged, the five minutes that i saw the first part the cops were playing real tough with the two white kids at one point. basically saying, you know, you're going to jail. the cop on the left says, you're going to jail.
4:43 pm
then the language comes down in tone and eventually it looks like we're going to let--we're going to let you off with a warning. you're lucky. the question then is why are they so lucky and why should they be let off with a warning. you don't have enough information. is the powder really what it is? there's almost not parents but relatives, you're in trouble. just to scare them. scare them straight rather than treating them in cahoots with this other kid carter, for doing whatever they were doing. none of which warrants a jail sentence, mind you. if you're in that framework there is a real question about why these other kids were not really scrutinized with the same level of intensity. >> michael: the professor tricia rows, from brown rose from brown university. this is only going to get more interesting. in a little bit of ative with the romney campaign.
4:44 pm
[ ♪ music ♪ ]
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[ protesting ] >> michael: so there were protests all over the world today, and it's nice to see that pussy rite in many different languages has pussy rite. it's a band that got two years for hooliganism. it's ironic because i think what he did in chechnya may be hooliganism. what they did in dancing singing and protest may not be hooliganism. they got two years for that, and it's what happens when music meets politics. man is it happening here in america as well. now there is a rage against mitt
4:48 pm
romney because paul ryan we learned in a "new york times" profile, the running mate of mitt romney, his favorite band is rage against the machine. which is really nice, and it's interesting, too, because paul ryan is a big fan of free markets and family has interest in oil leases, and the songs that rage against the machine sings about are against free market and oil. they're so supportive of the occupy movement, it's unbelievable. the leader singer of the range against the machine said this he, paul ryan, is the emboydment of the machine that we've been ranging against for two decades. he said, ryan has a lot of rage in him. a rage against women. a rage against immigrants, a rage against workers a rage against the gays, a rage against the poor, a rage against the environment. a lot of people have looked at this story and have said this is, you know, an unbelievable
4:49 pm
thing that is happening with music and politics. it's not unprecedented. it has happened before. we heard about it with, you know, in the past with tom petty who didn't want michelle bachmann to use one of his songs. it's happening now and another man, the silver sun pickups sent romney a cease and desist when they used one of their songs [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> michael: it's kind of a curious choice to play at a campaign rally especially for mitt romney. the lyrics, when you see yourself in a crowded room. doe your fingers itch. are you fiscal whipped. do you think she'll sleep with
4:50 pm
the panic switch, yeah, vote for romney. i don't get it. then they said, we don't like people going behind our backs using our music without asking. we don't like the romney campaign. we're nice, approachable people. we won't bite unless you're mitt romney. again, some of the people who have protested this sort of thing, the john mccain campaign did it with the band heart. they were calling her sara barracuda. heart said stop doing it. john mellencamp didn't want them to use "country." we have the host on "the young turks" network music and politics show, and ana kasparian and jayar jackson. you know, this is amazing. what happens if they can't use these songs? what is the rub? how are they going to walk on stage? >> let me say first of all, this is a very exciting day for music. all of a sudden music has become
4:51 pm
very important and meaningful to politics because it used to be that back in the day. we talk about 60s songs and the 70s songs and the 50s songs all the time. this is very exciting. to answer your question, i don't know. hire a jingle writer? >> michael: we'll get to that a little bit later but what is incredible ana is the way that it always seems to happen to the democrats. i mean, the democrats are the ones who seem to be able to use whatever they want, but the republicans are the ones who are using them and getting cease and desist. >> it's ironic that they would use silver son pick ups, a lot of their lyrics speak out against the injustices that conservatives are in favor of. there is this one song how the fat cat should have a heart attack and they're referring to the corporates corporate set who are just
4:52 pm
so greedy. do you know see how ironic this is? it does effect the conservatives. but it was pointed out earlier that it's usually the old stuff in the 60s. all of a sudden current music is getting political attention and i love that. >> michael: jayar, are we making too much of this? >> no, not at all. this is a point. they don't understand what is happening in music. they're not listening. paul ryan said, i like the way they sound. just like when your ten years old and your mother walks in and says, do you know what they're saying? no i'm just listening to it. they don't think that they have a smart point of view. >> when you're liveing to bands like rage against machine i think you should think twice. and it was asked of the obama campaign to stop using one of their songs, and also i spoke with congressman john hall who
4:53 pm
was the lead singer orleans. he's no longer the representative from new york. >> no, he lost. thanks so much. when we come back, the conservatives, and they have who are the progressives going to counter with? >> you like rand. >> i don't like. people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot.
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4:56 pm
>> michael: so there is a group of wisconsin catholics who have an organization called pray for paul's change of trying to get paul ryan to come off of his budget because they say it is heartless. here this is amazing. there is in april a letter that was written to the 90 members of the georgetown faculty including two dozen jesuit priests. we would be remiss to you in our duty to you and our students if we did not challenge your continuing misuse of catholic teaching to defend a budget plan that decimates food programs for struggling families, radically weakens protection for the elderly and sick. in wisconsin they're not the only ones doing that. we talk about the nun on the bus. the group of nuns going out on a bus around the country telling people they should not support this budget. here are the nuns themselves. >> i am not going to stand here and not say the ryan budget is
4:57 pm
moral. it's immoral. [applause] and we stand with our bishops when we say that. it is immoral. >> michael: so you know, you can look at jesus. you can hear the gospel, blessed are the poor in spirit. it's easier for for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom. god. jesus was for the poor. ayn rand not good for the poor. >> you like a certain kind of ayn rand selfishness. >> i would say that i don't like like--i can see the evil. >> michael: it's amazing what is going on. jesus versus ayn rand. michael shure, "the young turks." have a great weekend.
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